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88461-Nigel Philips garden design day july 2014

Garden Design Day Success!

DSC_2207  design your gardenStudents on the garden design day ’2013′ enjoying some lunch and Plumpton wine in the sun, before moving off to see a local garden.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start a six day morning class on redesigning your garden at St Andrew’s Art School in Lewes on January 29th, 2014.


Re-Design Your Own Garden!

This is a new introductory course to re designing your own garden or part of your garden that you are not happy with.

The course will take the format of informal discussion with evidence from each of the students garden, brought along by them to the first session.

Ideas for improving these gardens will be drawn up under my tuition and discussed by the group.

Garden design principles will be used as a guide to help come up with the right solution for your garden.

It is essentially an informal introduction into how you can get the best from your garden and to come away with a plan for change.

26771-Nigel Philips  A5 artistic garden leaflet front side  June 201326771-Nigel Philips  A5 artistic garden leaflet application side  June 2013