DESIGN YOUR GARDEN part TWO - planting design/drawing

Duration: Monday mornings for 10 weeks from 20th April 2020
Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm
Tuition fee: £575.00
For further details email:

This course is divided in two. The first part will be taken up with designing and drawing up a plan for a garden area. This plan can either be your own garden or a friends or a project set on the course. The other part will be devoted to learning more about plants and how to associate them together in a planting plan. Also included is a visit to a completed designed garden.

Design: In order to draw up a garden plan, we shall look at the way a garden is measured up or surveyed. We shall survey a small area and draw this up on paper using the necessary drawing equipment. This drawing equipment will be discussed and appropriated by the student from the internet.

Using the survey measurements, design principles and the requirements for the garden, the garden will be designed and drawn up to scale. Working in pencil first and then moving onto pen and ink, the drawing can be completed and then photocopied ready for colouring in.

Planting Design: before using plants well in a garden it is necessary to know a little about them! After an introduction to planting design principles this part of the course will then cover trees, Shrubs, Climbers and Herbaceous Perennials.

Some sessions will start with looking at and discussing plants brought in by the lecturer (and Students).